Briyan Frederick Enterprises is a catalog of websites developed and maintained by Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker). That’s me.

I’ve been creating websites since the web began. The websites I make usually come from an interest or activity I’m involved with and, as you may gather from the names and descriptions on the front page, I’m somewhere in my 60’s and nearing “retirement” — which for me probably means transitioning from a long career in the graphic arts industry toward sharing my knowledge and experience online.

I’m probably best known as the publisher of GAJOOB Magazine which began as a dada zine of randomness and quickly morphed into covering independent music with a DiY and homemade ethic. It’s still published at gajoobzine.com with a collection of offshoots such as homemademusic.com, tapegerm.com and others.

Other music and creative sites include musicianjournal.com, discoversounds.com, songwritingdaily.com, gajoobzine.com. My own creative activities in music and arts have found a home at blindmime.com and briyanfrederick.com.

I’m also into craft arts and product development and building online curio shops for niche interests. There’s Doodle Takeover, Belove Mugs, dAbodAb, Dead Man’s Finger and others in that category.

I’m developing apps at furfoo.com, songwritersrow.com and other places. Furfoo is a web app where you can keep a rich media log of all your pets. Upload documents, link to youtubes, keep a blog and a photo gallery. I use the Jamroom framework for this which I’ve been using for well over a decade. It’s a great tool for building online communities. The international collaboration network, Tapegerm Collective, which I developed and co-founded was built using this. Songwriters Row is built on Jamroom as well and functions as a rich media log for songwriters.

I explore aging with a more less humorous outlook. Getting old is often blanketed with a heavy layer of absurdity; don’t you think? You can check out my progressively enfeebled attempts at making sense of it all at sites like WTF60.com, agingetc.com, seniorcreativeleague.com, baldspotclub.com and probably more coming.

Another interest that finds its way onto websites is personal history in various fashions. Through publishing GAJOOB for so many years I have a collection of self-made music on cassettes, CDRs and other media that numbers in the thousands of albums, along with letters and other related items. I’m building an online museum (and possibly a traveling one) at undergroundmusicmuseum.org (shortened to ummx.org). I delve into vlogging at vlogwatch.com, family history at familyscrolls.com and personalhistoryguide.com, and local history at localhistorical.com.

My graphic arts career was servicing many small business owners and administrators with design, print, signage and websites — everything a company might need to communicate their brand either with customers or with staff. Of course, I have websites where I write about that. These include thejoyofprint.com, guidebook.biz, localstartupguide.com, offersnear.me, lunchnear.me, discoverlocalusa.com and others.

I have a great interest in collecting and organizing informational websites. I’ve been deeply involved in learning all I can about using AI as a tool to supercharge my ability to produce content infused with my experience and personal interest. I’m excited about what’s taking shape. I’ve used AI as a tool for a range of tasks: logo design, repetitive coding, outlining articles, etc. It feels like a new era is coming up over the horizon and it’s another great time to be alive!

I can’t wait for what’s next!

If any of this resonates with you and you’re interested in a partnership or some friendly consultation time for pursuits of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

Follow the BFE blog for periodic updates revolving around all of this activity. There may even be a vlog taking shape.

Best regards,