Author: Bryan

  • Daily AI Tricks

    Daily AI Tricks

    Daily AI Tricks is where I explore AI. I’m mostly interested in its use in my daily work involving support in content creation, art, product development; and also tasks like…

  • Who’s the Boss Around Here?

    Who’s the Boss Around Here?

    Who’s the Boss Around Here? offers a humorous take on running a business, team, department, home or any organization… and living to tell about it. 

  • IPNX


    IPNX is the Independent Publishers Network which provides content of interest to bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers and other online publishers, along with brand and graphic arts support services, tools…

  • Bryan Baker Family History

    Bryan Baker Family History

    This site is an example site for building a family history on wordpress without extra family history plugins.

  • Musician For Fun

    Musician For Fun

    This currently redirects to Musician Journal. I’m considering re-launching. The website was about just making music for fun.

  • Local Art Collective

    Local Art Collective

    Local Art collective is a non-profit organization created by Briyan Frederick to support local artists of all kinds.

  • Studio Cotton Blog

    Studio Cotton Blog

    Studio Cotton is a creative agency based in Bristol, UK. They specialize in providing services to small businesses, including web design, consulting, and SEO. Their blog, located at, offers…

  • B2B Seen

    B2B Seen

    B2B Seen serves B2B service companies by providing local marketing campaigns, graphic arts and other services, along with resources and expertise.

  • Recording Artist Network

    Recording Artist Network

    The Recording Artist Network focuses on the business of independent music making and helps artists with branding, fan engagement, eCommerce, etc.

  • EZ Business Graphics

    EZ Business Graphics

    This website distills Briyan’s 35+ year graphic arts industry experiences into bite-size articles containing how-to’s on how to get specific things done. It’s geared to business admins and small business…