Welcome to briyan.org

Welcome to briyan.org – an exploration of the thoughts and ideas of a sixty-year-old graphic arts professional, experimental electronic recording artist, and brand developer. This online blog will be an exploration into the creative process of a man whose career has spanned more than four decades in design, technology, and communications.

As we explore the passion of this one man through the various areas he has worked in throughout his life, we can begin to understand how technology has shaped how we communicate and express our ideas both inside and outside the workplace. We’ll look at how technologies like multimedia production tools, digital marketing outlets, social media platforms and web design can bring a refreshing new perspective on visual communication that allows us to convey complex issues with clarity and creativity.

Through briyan.org we will also investigate how collaboration between disciplines such as computer science, engineering and art is becoming increasingly important for developing cutting-edge solutions that address real world problems. Additionally, by looking at modern approaches to app development versus legacy software architectures we can gain insight into our changing technological landscape and what lies ahead for the industry.

This online experience aims to demystify the creative process behind some of our most advanced technologies while encouraging dialogue between designers, developers, technologists and creatives alike who all strive for innovation within their individual fields.






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