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  • 25 Homemade Music

    25 Homemade Music

    An offshoot of GAJOOB Magazine in 1999, homemademusic.com is Briyan Frederick’s home recording website. It’s about the craft, from his unique 40-year perspective. More about the activity and lifestyle than…

  • 04 Underground Music Museum

    04 Underground Music Museum

    Briyan published one of the seminal magazines dedicated to independent music and DiY creative recording and the odd assortment of artists exchanging it. He is building a museum to enable…

  • 08 Briyan Frederick’s Musician Journal

    08 Briyan Frederick’s Musician Journal

    Musician Journal is Briyan’s new music website where everything from GAJOOB, Discover Sounds, Tapegerm, Homemade Music and others is finding a home.