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  • Musician For Fun

    Musician For Fun

    This currently redirects to Musician Journal. I’m considering re-launching. The website was about just making music for fun.

  • Recording Artist Network

    Recording Artist Network

    The Recording Artist Network focuses on the business of independent music making and helps artists with branding, fan engagement, eCommerce, etc.

  • Songwriting Daily

    Songwriting Daily

    Briyan’s blog about songwriting.

  • Discover Sounds

    Discover Sounds

    Discover Sounds delves deep into the captivating world of sound design. Founded by Briyan Frederick, a member of the Blind Mime Ensemble, Discover Sounds serves as a playground for sonic…

  • Songwriters Row

    Songwriters Row

    A web application for songwriters to log the work.

  • Cassette Culture Shock

    Cassette Culture Shock

    Cassette Culture Shock was the name of my radio show on KRCL in the early 90’s. It’s now a new weekly podcast show.

  • GAJOOB Zine

    GAJOOB Zine

    Briyan’s longrunning magazine featuring independent musicians and other related things. Anything with a creative DiY bent, really.

  • Tapegerm


    Experimental collaboration since 1999.

  • Homemade Music

    Homemade Music

    An offshoot of GAJOOB Magazine in 1999, homemademusic.com is Briyan Frederick’s home recording website. It’s about the craft, from his unique 40-year perspective. More about the activity and lifestyle than…

  • Underground Music Museum

    Underground Music Museum

    Briyan published one of the seminal magazines dedicated to independent music and DiY creative recording and the odd assortment of artists exchanging it. He is building a museum to enable…